Jesus Christ the Lord is born

all the bells are ringing!
Angels greet the holy One
and shepherds hear them singing,
and shepherds hear them singing.

2 ‘Go to Bethlehem today,
find your King and Saviour:
glory be to God on high,
to earth his peace and favour,
to earth his peace and favour!’

3 Held within a cattle stall,
loved by love maternal,
see the master of us all,
our Lord of lords eternal,
our Lord of lords eternal!

4 Soon shall come the wise men three,
rousing Herod’s anger;
mothers’ hearts shall broken be
and Mary’s son in danger,
and Mary’s son in danger.

5 Death from life and life from death,
our salvation’s story:
let all living things give breath
to Christmas songs of glory,
to Christmas songs of glory!

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