In my hour of grief or need

In my hour of grief or need
when a friend is friend indeed,
now, when Satan walks abroad,
be not far from me, O Lord.

2. When the powers of evil ride
through the world in open pride,
flaunted sins and boasted shame
bring contempt upon your name.

3. When the godless host are strong,
when their mouth is filled with wrong,
bitterness, deceit and fraud,
be not far from me, O Lord.

4. When the poor become their prey,
when the weak are led astray,
right is wrong and truth is lies,
then, O Lord our God, arise!

5. Powers of darkness bring to grief,
break the hold of unbelief,
sound anew the quickening word,
rise and come among us, Lord!

6. Then shall vice and falsehood fail,
truth and righteousness prevail,
all his ransomed people sing
God, their everlasting king!

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