In judgement, Lord, arise

In judgement, Lord, arise,
draw near to take my part,
your tender love before my eyes,
your word within my heart.
Discern my thoughts, I pray,
discover all my mind,
and keep me in the narrow way
to innocence inclined.

2. To God I lift my voice,
his wondrous works confess;
let not their friendship be my choice
who love unrighteousness.
The praise of God above
my tongue unwearied tells;
his everlasting house I love
where endless glory dwells.

3. Sweep not my soul aside
to paths where sinners stray;
let love of truth my footsteps guide
and cast me not away.
So shall I stand unmoved
with all who love your word.
For mercy sure and promise proved
I bless your name, O Lord.

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