In Eden fair, a place divine

In eden fair, a place divine,
image of God, stood man, created whole;
through Satan’s guile, he fell by sin’s design:
a guilty soul.

2. In ancient days, in Edom far,
there stood a warrior wounded there for me;
he trod the winepress bearing every scar
of love’s decree.

3. In sad Gethsemane he prayed,
and drank the cup of pain, the Father’s will;
for there he wept and angels him sustained,
as time stood still.

4. In God’s full time, eternal plan,
my Saviour stood for me, and in my place
he hung alone, the Son of God and man;
an act of grace.

5. In that great day, ordained above,
the Son of God will come to claim his own,
the sons of grace and sons of sovereign love,
to bring them home.

6. In that blest land, Jerusalem,
no tears are known, for God alone draws near.
The saints are glad and sing the great ‘Amen’,
for God is here.

7. In songs of joy, I’ll ever raise
my thankful heart, adoring God alone;
forever satisfied, on him I’ll gaze
before his throne.

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