If I rise on the wings of the dawn

If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
seek the lands that lie over the sea;
if I go to the heavens, if I live in the depths,
if I hide in the darkness, you are there.
You are there, where your light shines like day,
you are there.

1. O Lord you have searched me, you know me.
You know when I sit, when I rise.
You see when I weep, you watch as I sleep,
not a thought can be hid from your eyes.

2. O Lord you stand firm round about me,
your hand to sustain and uphold.
your knowledge so vast, it’s beyond me to grasp,
but your wisdom surrounds and enfolds.

If I rise…

3. O Lord you created my being.
Your presence was there at my start.
Each day on this earth you could see from my birth,
all my life written full on your heart.

4. O, Lord, I would ask you to search me,
to know every thought of my heart.
to wash me anew and lead me on through,
so my life can be yours – every part.

If I rise…

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