142. I seek the Lord in grief, in pain

Authors: Preston, David George, Wesley, Charles

I seek the Lord in grief, in pain,
and cry for help, and cry again;
I tell him of my heavy load:
oppressed and faint I gasp for God.

2. Yet you, O Lord, already know
the dangerous path I have to go;
I look for refuge-none I see,
and no one is concerned for me.

3. I cry to you, O Lord, to save:
in this life you are all I have;
my need is desperate, hear my plea:
save me from those pursuing me!

4. My soul from this dark prison bring,
that I your conquering name may sing;
the righteous then will gather round
and praise you for the grace I’ve found.

Scriptures: Psalms 63:1, 1 Samuel 22:1, 1 Samuel 24:3, Psalms 42:1-2, Isaiah 42:7, Psalms 51:12-13, Psalms 84:2, Psalms 142, Matthew 11:28, Luke 18:7

Copyright: © Author/Jubilate Hymns