I love my Lord because he heard my voice

I love my Lord because he heard my voice;
my God, he listens to my prayer.
Because he hears me when I call on him,
through all my days I shall pray.

2. My soul was saved from death, my eyes from tears;
my feet now walk before the Lord;
yet in despair I thought my end was near,
my faith in life disappeared.

3. What can I do to thank God for his love,
for all his benefits to me?
I will lift up salvation’s cup on high
and call on him by his name.

4. My vows to him I promise to fulfil,
to him I sacrifice my life.
He freed me from the servitude of sin
and now I serve as his slave.

5. Unite in praise, great family of God,
his children, bring to him your thanks.
City of peace, where God has made his home,
with one accord, praise his name!

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