I have a light to guide me

I have a light to guide me,
a Saviour ever near:
it is the Lord, my refuge,
so who should make me fear?
Though evil forces threaten
to tear my life apart,
they never will extinguish
the peace that’s in my heart.

2. I ask the Lord one favour,
my one desire and prayer:
to come into his presence
and see his beauty there.
And, safe within his shelter,
I’ll gladly lift my voice
in thanks to him, my helper,
who made my heart rejoice.

3. Lord, listen to me calling:
let me receive your grace;
my heart is stirred to seek you—
don’t turn away your face.
For even though my parents
should leave me all alone,
you, Lord, the God of comfort,
will take me as your own.

4. Through life, Lord, be my teacher
and lead me in your way;
when false accusers menace
be my defence, I pray.
Let everyone who seeks you
be patient, holding fast
until we see your justice
and love prevail at last!

(After Psalm 27)

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