399. I have a friend whose faithful love

Author: E A Tydeman

I have a friend whose faithful love
is more than all the world to me;
it’s higher than the heights above,
and deeper than the deepest sea;
so old, so new, so strong, so true;
before the earth received its frame,
he loved me-bless his holy name!

2. He held the highest place above,
adored by all the sons of flame,
yet, such his self-denying love,
he laid aside his crown and came
to seek the lost, and at the cost
of heavenly rank and earthly fame,
he sought me-bless his holy name!

3. It was a lonely path he trod,
from every human soul apart;
known only to himself and God
was all the grief that filled his heart:
yet from his track he turned not back
till where I lay in want and shame
he found me-bless his holy name!

4. Then dawned at last that day of dread
when, desolate but undismayed,
with wearied frame and thorn-crowned head
he, now forsaken and betrayed,
went up for me to Calvary,
and dying there in grief and shame
he saved me-bless his holy name!

5. Long as I live my song shall tell
the wonders of his matchless love:
and when at last I rise to dwell
in that bright home prepared above,
my joy shall be his face to see,
and bowing then with loud acclaim,
I’ll praise him-bless his holy name!

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