270. I bow before the God of matchless care

Author: Martin E Leckebusch

I bow before the God of matchless care;
I bow in awe of one I know is always there-
who holds the universe he made entirely in his hand,
but speaks so simply that a little child may understand;
I see the light of welcome in his face;
I dare to call him Father, for he clothes me in his grace-
O the wonder of his mercy! I can never fathom how
he loves me, and so before his throne I bow.

Scriptures: Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 61:10, Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6, Matthew 28:20, Zechariah 3:3-5, Psalms 95:4, Psalms 102:25, Isaiah 40:12, Luke 15:20-24, 2 Corinthians 1:2-3, Galatians 2:20

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