842. I bind myself to God today

Authors: Patrick, Alexander, Cecil Frances

I bind myself to God today,
the strong and holy Trinity,
to know his name and make him known,
the Three-in-One and One-in-Three.

2. I bind myself to God for ever,
to Jesus in his incarnation,
baptized for me in Jordan river
and crucified for my salvation;
he burst the prison of his tomb,
ascended to the heavenly throne,
returning at the day of doom:
by faith I make his life my own.

3. I bind myself to God today,
to his great power to hold and lead,
his eye to watch me on my way,
his ear to listen to my need;
the wisdom of my God to teach,
his hand to guide, his shield to ward,
the word of God to give me speech,
his heavenly host to be my guard.

4. Christ be with me,
Christ within me,
Christ behind me,
Christ before me,
Christ to seek me,
Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me;
Christ beneath me,
Christ above me,
Christ in quiet,
Christ in danger,
Christ sustaining
all who love me,
Christ uniting friend and stranger!

5. I bind myself to God today,
the strong and holy Trinity,
to know his name and make him known,
the Three-in-One and One-in-Three;
from him all nature has creation,
eternal Father, Spirit, Word:
praise God, my strength and my salvation;
praise in the Spirit through Christ the Lord!

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