How wickedly they spread their lies

How wickedly they spread their lies
and speak with vicious tongue!
My prayer, my friendship they despise
and do me groundless wrong.
I praise my God, but I implore:
do not stay silent any more!

2. How terribly will they be shamed
when they are justly tried!
Their days are shortened, prayers condemned,
the accuser at their side.
The traitor dies in deep disgrace,
so let another take his place.

3. How fearfully we hear the doom
on all their kith and kin!
Their work, their wealth, their name, their home
all suffer for their sin;
they did not bless-and reaped the blame;
they loved to curse-and curses came.

4. How tenderly the Lord will deal
with us, when stalked by death!
The wounded he will lift and heal,
the fainting, fill with breath.
I plead your love, your name alone:
save me, my God! Your power make known!

5. How graciously your hand will bless
when my accusers curse!
Dishonour is their chosen dress;
their slanders you reverse.
I praise the Lord who judges them;
when God defends, who shall condemn?

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