398. How humble Moses was, who met

Author: Phil Heaps. ALT

How humble moses was, who met
God face to shining face, and yet
his meekness was his fame!
But humbler still was he who left
the realms above and, all bereft
of glory, bore our shame.

2. How bravely Daniel prayed each day
and, trusting God, was dragged away
to face the lions’ den!
But braver still was he who bore
the hating, spitting, flogging sore
and taunts of sinful men.

3. What faith had Abraham of old,
who followed God when he was told
to sacrifice his son!
But greater still the faith we see
in him who on the cruel tree
has our salvation won.

4. How great the prayer Elijah prayed
that kept the rain away and made
the land as dry as bone!
But greater still the prayers he makes
who rose from death and for our sakes
now pleads before God’s throne.

5. How great King Solomon became,
how wise he was, how wide his fame
that stretched from shore to shore!
But greater still, and wiser too,
is he who rules the world and who
will reign for evermore.

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