Holy Father, rich in mercy

holy Saviour, rich in grace,
great in glory everlasting—
how I long to see your face.
Lead me to your new creation,
lead me to your throne of love,
giving glory to the Father,
to the Spirit and the Son.

2. Jesus Christ, our risen Saviour,
Shepherd of the weak and lost,
author of our great salvation
through the power of the cross;
lead from glory into glory,
safely held by arms of love,
so to dwell with you for ever,
bringing praises to our God.

Giving glory to the Father,
giving glory to the Son,
giving glory to the Spirit,
the blessèd Three-in-One.

3. Holy Spirit, breath of heaven,
make me holy through your word;
break the chains of sin’s destruction,
fix my eyes upon you, Lord.
When I wander from your safety,
when I wander from your truth,
draw me back to my Redeemer
through the holy fire of God.

Giving glory to the Father…

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