Here on the threshold of a new beginning

Here on the threshold of a new beginning,
by grace forgiven, now we leave behind
our long-repented selfishness and sinning,
and all our blessings call again to mind:
Christ to redeem us, ransom and restore us,
the love that holds us in a Saviour’s care,
faith strong to welcome all that lies before us,
our unknown future, knowing God is there.

2. May we, your children, feel with Christ’s compassion
an earth disordered, hungry and in pain;
then, at your calling, find the will to fashion
new ways where freedom, truth and justice reign;
where wars are ended, ancient wrongs are righted,
and nations value human life and worth;
where in the darkness lamps of hope are lighted
and Christ is honoured over all the earth.

3. So may your wisdom shine from Scripture’s pages
to mould and make us stones with which to build
God’s holy temple, through eternal ages,
one church united, strong and Spirit-filled;
heirs to the fulness of your new creation
in faith we follow, pledged to be your own;
yours is the future, ours the celebration,
for Christ is risen! God is on the throne!

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