Hear the songs of angels rise

through dark and troubled skies:
the sound of glory;
bringing tidings of great joy
no sorrow can destroy:
salvation’s story.
To our world of grief and pain
God stepped down on Christmas day.

Comfort and joy! Comfort and joy!
Hope has dawned with the newborn boy.
Comfort and joy! Comfort and joy!
Come and join with the angel song! Rejoice!

2 Unto us a son is born,
the light of life has dawned:
the hope of nations.
All our tears will fill his soul,
yet gladly bears them all:
our great salvation.
Every sin borne at the cross;
risen now, he walks with us.

Comfort and joy! Comfort and joy!…

3 Soon he’ll wipe our tears away
in ever brighter day:
his glory shining.
Angels fill the air once more:
‘Come worship and adore!
The Lord is reigning!’
Every longing then fulfilled,
every storm forever stilled!

Comfort and joy! Comfort and joy!…

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