664. Have you heard the voice of Jesus

Author: W Vernon Higham

Have you heard the voice of Jesus
softly pleading with your heart?
Have you felt his presence glorious,
as he calls your soul apart,
with a love so true and loyal,
love divine that ever flows
from a Saviour, righteous, royal,
and a cross that mercy shows?

2. Have you heard the voice of mercy
granting peace and pardon pure?
Have you felt the balm of Calvary
binding all your wounds secure?
Was there ever such salvation,
was there ever care like this?
See the Saviour’s grief and passion,
grace and mercy’s gentle kiss.

3. Have you heard the Saviour calling
all to leave and follow him?
Have you felt his person drawing
with compulsion lives to win?
Hearken to his invitation,
to the music of God’s grace;
let the peace of God’s salvation
fill your soul and love embrace.

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