928. Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord Jesus

Authors: Thwaites, Honor Mary (Scott Good), Spitta, Carl Johann Phillip

Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord Jesus,
truest of friends, most honoured guest of all;
where hearts and eyes are bright with joy to greet you,
your slightest wishes eager to fulfil.

2. Happy the home where man and wife together
are of one mind, believing in your love;
through love and pain, prosperity and hardship,
through good and evil days your care they prove.

3. Happy the home, O loving Friend of children,
where they are given to you with hands of prayer;
where at your feet they early learn to listen
to your own words, and thank you for your care.

4. Happy the home where work is done to please you,
in tasks both great and small, that you may see
each family doing all as you would wish them
as members of your household, glad and free.

5. Happy the home that knows your healing comfort,
where, unforgotten, every joy you share;
until each one, their work on earth completed,
comes to your Father’s house to meet you there.

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Copyright: © Michael and Honor Thwaites Heritage Association