Happy are those, beyond all measure blessed

Happy are those, beyond all measure blessed,
who know their guilt is gone, their faults forgiven;
who taste the joys that come from sin confessed,
whose hearts are blameless in the sight of heaven.
Blessings are ours beneath a Father’s hand;
by love made welcome, uncondemned we stand.

2. God is our strength when troubles flood the heart;
from his high throne he stoops to hear our prayer.
When trials come, the Lord shall take our part,
our rock of refuge from the storms of care.
Safely enfolded in his keeping strong,
his sure salvation is our triumph-song.

3. God is our guide who watches all our way;
gently he teaches us our path to find.
Be not self-willed, like beasts that go astray,
God will direct our feet and form our mind:
mercy embraces us on every side
with God our joy, our Saviour, strength and guide.

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