Hail, O once rejected Jesus

Hail, O once rejected Jesus!
Hail, O Galilean King!
You have suffered to release us
and your free salvation bring.
Hail, O agonizing Saviour,
bearer of our sin and shame,
by your merits we find favour,
life is given through your name.

2. Spotless Lamb, by God appointed,
all our sins on you were laid;
by almighty love anointed
full atonement you have made.
All your people are forgiven
through the virtue of your blood;
opened is the gate of heaven,
man is reconciled with God.

3. Jesus! Hail, enthroned in glory,
there for ever to abide;
all the heavenly hosts adore you
seated at your Father’s side.
There for sinners you are pleading
and our place you now prepare;
always for us interceding,
till in glory we appear.

4. Worship, honour, power and blessing
you are worthy to receive;
loudest praises, without ceasing,
right it is for us to give.
Help us, bright angelic spirits-
joined with ours, your voices raise;
help to show our Saviour’s merits,
help to sing Immanuel’s praise.

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