CP19. Guess what happened long ago?

Authors: Smith, Bryson, Smith, Felicity

In a stable Christ was born:
precious Saviour, Holy One,
come to show us God’s deep love:

Glory to God, glory to God,
glory to God in the highest
and on earth peace to all
who by the Son are blessed.

2 Guess what happened that same night?
Shepherds saw a light so bright,
angels singing their delight:
Christ is born this holy night!

3 Guess what happened later on?
Wise men came to see God’s Son;
bringing gold to the child-King,
they bowed down and worshipped him:

4 Guess what Herod did one day?
Jesus Christ he tried to slay;
but God sent his Son away,
so in Egypt Christ was safe:

5 Guess what happened at the end?
Jesus died and rose again;
by his death our sin is cleansed—
precious Saviour, special friend:

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