246. Great God of wonders, all your ways

Author: Samuel Davies (1723-61)

Great God of wonders, all your ways
are matchless, godlike and divine;
and the fair glories of your grace
among your other wonders shine.

Who is a pardoning God like you,
with grace so free, so rich, so true?

2. Such vile offences to forgive,
such guilty, reckless souls to spare:
this is your grand prerogative,
and in the honour none shall share.

3. Angels and mortals, yield your claim
to pity, mercy, love and grace:
these glories crown our Saviour’s name
with an incomparable blaze.

4. In wonder lost, with trembling joy,
we take the pardon of our God:
a pardon granted from on high,
a pardon sealed with Jesus’ blood.

5. O may this strange, this matchless grace,
this godlike miracle of love,
fill all the earth with grateful praise,
as now it fills the skies above.

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