God’s glory fills the heavens with hymns

God’s glory fills the heavens with hymns,
the domed sky bears the Maker’s mark;
new praises sound from day to day
and echo through the knowing dark.
Without a word their songs roll on-
into all lands their voices run;
and with a champion’s strength and grace
from farthest heaven comes forth the sun.

2. God’s perfect law revives the soul,
its precepts make the simple wise,
its just commands rejoice the heart,
its truth gives light unto the eyes.
For ever shall this law endure:
unblemished, righteous, true, complete;
no gold was ever found so fine,
no honey in the comb more sweet.

3. God’s servant may I ever be:
his world my joy, his word my guide:
O cleanse me, Lord, from secret sin;
deliver me from selfish pride.
Accept my thoughts and words and deeds;
let them find favour in your sight:
for you alone can make me whole,
O Lord my refuge and my might.

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