God who gives the second chance

God who gives the second chance,
calling, calling more than once:
patriarchs, apostles, kings,
priests and prophets knew these things:
how our patient Lord is kind,
guiding us to seek and find.

2 Abraham and Jacob found
how God’s grace and love abound;
Jonah, Peter, Thomas, James,
Mark, and countless other names:
how God’s patience dealt with them,
slow to punish or condemn.

3 All our years are but a breath;
soon will come the dust of death:
who knows what a day may spell;
peace or torment, heaven or hell?
All God’s gifts are ours to take,
while we live, and keep awake.

4 God still gives the second chance
in new scenes, new circumstance;
may we not presume on this,
never more his call dismiss,
not demanding why or how:
Christ is near; his time is now!

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