God of the covenant, Lord God Almighty

God of the covenant, Lord God almighty,
marvels of mercy adoring we see:
calling from sin and from darkness a people
bonded to Christ by a timeless decree.

2. Not now by words bringing death to transgressors,
life-giving grace the new covenant brings;
Jesus our surety, our kinsman-redeemer,
round us the robe of his righteousness flings.

3. Blessings on blessings through ages unending,
covenant fulness in glorious flood;
ours is a hope which no mortal can measure,
brought in by Jesus and sealed in his blood.

4. God of the covenant-changeless, eternal,
Father, Son, Spirit, all-blessing, all-blessed;
yours is the greatness, the power and the glory:
Lord God, on you we for ever shall rest.

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