God, in the Gospel of his Son

God, in the gospel of his son,
makes his eternal counsels known
where love in all its glory shines
and truth is drawn in fairest lines.

2. Here sinners of a helpless race
may learn his name and taste his grace,
may read in characters of blood
the wisdom, power and grace of God.

3. Here may the prisoners lose their chains,
the weary rest from all their pains,
the captives find their souls’ release,
the mourners find the way of peace.

4. Here faith reveals to mortal eyes
a brighter world beyond the skies;
here shines the light which guides our way
from earth to realms of endless day.

5. Here wisdom all her light imparts,
to teach our minds and move our hearts:
such influence bids the sinner live
and makes the burdened soul revive.

6. O grant us grace, almighty Lord,
to understand your holy word,
with meekness all its truths receive
and by its light for ever live.

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