CP17. God has spoken by His servants

Author: Emma Turl

as the timeless Scriptures tell;
now from Bethlehem he’s speaking
through his Son, Emmanuel.
Welcome Jesus, holy Prophet,
welcome, Mary’s tiny Son,
Word of Life to every nation –
you are Christ, all-powerful one!

2 There he lies, by angels greeted,
soon to suffer on a cross –
born to bring us to the Father,
make himself a curse for us.
Welcome Jesus, Priest for ever,
welcome, Mary’s Saviour Son.
Name of peace, the way to heaven
you are Christ, all-perfect one.

3 Where’s the crown, the throne, the sceptre?
where’s the palace for the King?
Here is just a borrowed manger
for the Lord of everything.
Welcome Jesus, Prince of glory,
welcome Mary’s royal Son;
finest gold was never purer –
you are Christ, all-precious one.

Copyright: © EMMA TURL / PRAISE TRUST CCLI Song No. (7191390)