Give to the Lord wholehearted praise

Give to the Lord wholehearted praise.
I will extol the Lord my king;
with all his people I will raise
my voice, and of his glory sing.

2. Great are his deeds; his name we bless,
his works we love, his ways explore;
his majesty and righteousness,
these shall endure for evermore.

3. God’s wonders done in faithfulness
his people ever call to mind;
his works of love and graciousness
reveal that God the Lord is kind.

4. God’s promise shall for ever stand,
he cares for those who trust his word;
upon his saints his mighty hand
the wealth of nations has conferred.

5. His works are true and just indeed,
his precepts are for ever sure;
in truth and righteousness decreed,
they shall for evermore endure.

6. From God his saints’ redemption came;
his covenant no change can know;
holy and awesome is his name
in heaven above and earth below.

7. In reverence and godly fear
we find the key to wisdom’s ways;
the wise his holy law revere:
to him belongs eternal praise!

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