Give thanks to God, for he is good, his love will never end

Give thanks to God, for he is good,
his love will never end;
O tell how he has ransomed you,
your Saviour and your friend.
Give thanks for his unfailing grace:
when we were dead in sin,
he sent his word, our souls to raise,
that we might live again.

2. In north and south and east and west
some wandered without aim,
until they cried to God for rest,
and he delivered them.
Give thanks for all his faithfulness,
his mighty deeds make plain-
he satisfies the purposeless,
and gives them hope again!

3. Some sat in prison’s darkest night,
despising God’s commands,
but when they cried, he gave them light,
and cut away their bonds.
O thank him for the liberty
that cuts through every chain:
his word breaks down captivity,
and sets us free again!

4. Some rebels lay in helplessness,
so sick they nearly died-
God pitied them in their distress,
and saved them when they cried.
O thank him for his tender love,
who feels our sharpest pain,
and sent his word from heaven above
to make us whole again!

5. And others went in ships abroad,
but tempests threatened harm;
they cried in peril to the Lord-
he spoke, and all was calm.
Give thanks for his tranquillity
in storms of stress and strain,
for at his word our raging sea
will be at peace again!

6. Then praise the Lord, his love acclaim,
all fears he will destroy,
and when the hungry cry to him
he’ll fill their souls with joy.
Praise him who puts his power within,
our spirits to sustain,
for those who come in need to him
will never thirst again!

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