Give thanks to God, call on his name

Give thanks to God, call on his name;
sound forth his praise, make known his fame:
his saving acts are glorious.
The Lord gives strength, so seek his face!
By miracles of saving grace
he makes his saints victorious.
Abram and Isaac were his choice;
Jacob and Joseph add their voice,
his covenant acclaiming.
For our salvation, let us raise
our songs in joy and humble praise,
his matchless love proclaiming.

2. Abram through many trials had come
to live in Israel’s promised home,
before they were a nation.
Jacob then prospered in the land,
till judgement came on every hand,
and famine brought starvation.
But God did not forget his flock;
Pharaoh in Egypt would unlock
the door of Joseph’s prison.
He was promoted to the place
where he would save God’s chosen race;
God for them had arisen.

3. Through many years they multiplied,
till Egypt’s king was terrified
that they might overthrow him.
Slaves they became-a cruel fate-
victims of Pharaoh’s senseless hate:
people he thought below him.
God had caused Moses to be saved
to lead the people, now enslaved,
back to their true possession.
Pharaoh rejected God’s clear word;
cries from the people went unheard;
he worsened their oppression.

4. Plagues came on Egypt by God’s hand;
firstborn throughout the stricken land
doomed to divine destruction.
Fire through the night and cloud by day
led all God’s people on their way-
though slow to take instruction.
Water he gave, and daily food,
laws and commandments for their good,
establishing his nation.
Now may Christ’s flock be strong and true,
obey his voice and keep in view
their heavenly destination.

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