For your gift of God the Spirit

For your gift of God the spirit,
power to make our lives anew,
pledge of life and hope of glory,
Saviour, we would worship you.
Crowning gift of resurrection,
sent from your ascended throne;
fulness of the very Godhead
come to make your life our own.

2. He who in creation’s dawning
brooded on the lifeless deep,
still across our nature’s darkness
moves to wake our souls from sleep;
moves to stir, to draw, to quicken,
thrusts us through with sense of sin;
brings to birth and seals and fills us;
saving Advocate within.

3. He, himself the living author,
wakes to life the sacred word,
reads with us its holy pages
and reveals our risen Lord.
He it is who works within us,
teaching rebel hearts to pray,
he whose holy intercessions
rise for us both night and day.

4. He, the mighty God, indwells us;
his to strengthen, help, empower,
his to overcome the tempter;
ours to call in danger’s hour.
In his strength we dare to battle
all the raging hosts of sin,
and by him alone we conquer
foes without and foes within.

5. Father, grant your Holy Spirit
in our hearts may rule today,
grieved not, quenched not, but unhindered,
work in us his sovereign way.
Fill us with your holy fulness,
God the Father, Spirit, Son;
in us, through us, then, for ever
shall your perfect will be done.

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