Father, in your dear name we meet

Father, in your dear name we meet
seeking your blessing pure, complete;
for we are yours by sovereign grace
and now, in union, seek your face.

2. Help us to be what we should be,
growing in love and purity,
a godly husband, godly wife,
joint heirs of all the grace of life.

3. Grant that our home may always be
a haven of stability
where Christ is loved, his word obeyed,
his peace enjoyed, his joy displayed.

4. Through wintry storms or worldly snares
guard us from sin and anxious cares;
together hand in hand with you
this threefold cord each day make new.

5. Grant us the faith that understands
our future days are in safe hands;
to Christ we look, on Christ depend,
our Saviour, counsellor and friend.

6. We praise you for the grace that gave
the One you loved, to seek and save
two lives redeemed by your dear Son,
two lives now joined, this day made one.

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