Earth was waiting, spent and restless

Earth was waiting, spent and restless,
with a mingled hope and fear,
faithful men and women praying,
‘Surely, Lord, the day is near:
the Desire of all the nations-
it is time he should appear!’

2. In the sacred courts of Zion,
built to be the Lord’s abode,
there the money-changers trafficked
and the sheep and oxen trod;
and the world, for all its wisdom,
knew not either Lord or God.

3. Then the Spirit of the Highest
to a virgin meek came down,
and he burdened her with blessing
and he pained her with renown;
for she bore the Lord’s anointed
for his cross and for his crown.

4. Earth had groaned and laboured for him
since the ages first began,
for in him was hid the secret
which through all the ages ran:
son of Mary, son of David,
Son of God, and Son of man.

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