Earth lies spellbound in darkness

Earth lies spellbound in darkness,
sin’s oppressive night;
yet in Bethlehem
hope is burning bright.
Mysteries are unfolding,
but the only sign
is a manger bed
where a baby cries.

Wake up, wake up, it’s Christmas morning,
Christ’s eternal day is dawning.
Angels sing in exultation,
fill the streets with celebration.
Now to God on high be glory,
to the earth proclaim the story.
Ring the bells in jubilation,
tell the news to every nation:
Christ has come!

2. Crowding stairways of starlight,
choirs of angels sing:
Glory, glory to God
in the highest heaven.
Peace is stilling the violence,
hope is rising high,
God is watching us now
through a baby’s eyes.

3. Weakness shatters the powerful,
meekness shames the proud,
vain imaginings
come tumbling down.
Ancient mercies remembered;
hungry satisfied,
lowly, humble hearts
are lifted high.

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