Do you want to learn of Jesus?

Do you want to learn of Jesus?
Come with me to Bethlehem,
where the Son of God came down to earth
no crown or diadem,
but a favoured virgin mother
and her tiny, first-born gem:
it is He, infant God, Christ the Lord.

2. Shepherds in the field abiding
watching o’er their flocks by night
saw the Angel of the Lord appear
in heavenly radiance bright,
heard glad tidings that a child was born
to be this dark world’s light
come and see! None but He! Christ the Lord.

3. Do you want to know of Jesus?
All the hosts of angels sing
of the baby in the manger
and the joy he came to bring –
peace with God and heaven’s favour:
glory to the newborn King!
David’s son, come to save, Christ the Lord.

4. Far away in Eastern countries
wise men saw a vision fair
when a star arose in splendour
to announce that he was there.
And they came with costly homage –
gold and frankincense and myrrh –
to the king, promised king, Christ the Lord.

5. Did a shadow touch the stable,
fall across the manger bed,
with the darkness of the coming cross
and thorns to crown his head?
For those tiny hands must yet be pierced,
that precious blood be shed –
Lamb of God, bearing sin, Christ the Lord.

6. Come and worship at his footstool.
He is Saviour, King and Lord:
Jesus Christ, the son of Mary,
son of David, Son of God.
Throned on high in heaven’s glory,
name above all names adored,
reigning here in my heart, Christ the Lord.

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