Christ the Lord is risen again

Christ the Lord is risen again,
Christ has broken every chain;
hear the angel voices cry,
singing evermore on high:

2. He who gave for us his life,
who for us endured the strife,
is our paschal Lamb today;
we too sing for joy and say:

3. He who bore all pain and loss
comfortless upon the cross
lives in glory now on high
pleads for us and hears our cry:

4. He, once dead within the grave,
is exalted now to save;
through the universe it rings
that the Lamb is King of kings:

5. Now he bids us tell abroad
how the lost may be restored,
how the penitent forgiven,
how we too may enter heaven:

6. Christ, our paschal Lamb indeed,
all your ransomed people feed!
Take our sins and guilt away,
let us sing by night and day:

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