Christ Jesus lay in death’s strong bands

Christ Jesus lay in death’s strong bands
for our offences given;
but now at God’s right hand he stands,
and brings us life from heaven:
let us give thanks and joyful be,
and to our God sing faithfully
loud songs of hallelujah!

2. It was a strange and dreadful strife,
when life and death contended;
the victory was gained for life,
the reign of death was ended:
stripped of its power, no more it reigns:
an empty form alone remains;
its sting is lost for ever.

3. Let us obey his heavenly call
by which the Lord invites us;
Christ is himself the joy of all,
the sun who warms and lights us;
in love and mercy he imparts
eternal sunshine to our hearts;
the night of sin is ended.

4. Let us his people feast this day
upon the bread of heaven.
The word of grace has purged away
the old, corrupting leaven;
now Christ alone our souls will feed,
he is our meat and drink indeed,
faith lives upon no other.

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