Christ is our cornerstone

Christ is our cornerstone,
on him alone we build;
with his true saints alone
the courts of heaven are filled;
on his great love
our hopes we place
of present grace
and joys above.

2. With psalms and hymns of praise
this place of prayer shall ring;
our voices we will raise,
the Three-in-One to sing;
and thus proclaim
in joyful song
both loud and long
that glorious name.

3. Here, gracious God, draw near
as in your name we bow;
each true petition hear,
accept each faithful vow;
then more and more
on all who pray
each holy day
your blessings pour.

4. Here may we gain from heaven
the grace which we implore;
and may that grace, once given,
be with us evermore;
until that day
when all the blessed
to endless rest
are called away.

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