Blessed are those whose way is blameless

Aleph 1-8
Blessed are those whose way is blameless,
walking in the law of God.
Blessed are those who keep his statutes,
seeking him with all their heart.
Lord, you look for full obedience;
O that I could give you this!
Then my heart would not condemn me;
in your presence I could live.

Beth 9-16
Those still young and prone to failure,
how can they continue pure?
Let me hide your word within me,
let me speak of all your law.
So shall I be full of praise, Lord,
joyful in the treasure found;
as I think about your precepts,
and delight in your decrees.

Gimel 17-24
By your word do good to me, Lord,
I will live, as I obey.
Let my longing eyes be open
to the wonders in your law.
All who stray from your commandments,
they will know your stern rebuke;
keep me from their scorn and slander—
your decrees are my delight.

Daleth 25-32
In the dust I lie down, weary;
by your word preserve my life.
When I told you of my ways, Lord,
you responded to my words.
I am weak and worn with sorrow;
keep me from deceitful ways,
choosing truth, ashamed no longer—
my freed heart set on your laws.

He 33-40
Teach me, Lord, your laws to follow
with an understanding heart.
I delight in your good pathways,
turn my heart from selfish gain.
Turn my eyes from what is worthless;
keep your promise to me, Lord.
Take my feared disgrace far from me;
in your righteousness, give life!


Waw 41-48
Keep your promise of salvation;
let unfailing love be mine.
Do not snatch your truth from my mouth;
your commands are all my hope.
I will walk about in freedom;
unashamed, I’ll speak to kings.
I will always, and for ever,
keep the laws I love so much.

Zayin 49-56
In your word, as you remind me,
you have given me such hope.
In my suffering, this my comfort:
by your promise I’m preserved.
I am mocked; and wicked people
turn against your ancient law;
but its theme is my song always;
each night I remember you.

Heth 57-64
Oh my Lord, you are my portion;
with my heart I’ve sought your face.
I have turned my step towards you,
hastening your commands to keep.
Though with ropes the wicked bind me,
I will not forget your law;
yes, at midnight I’ll be thankful—
all who fear you are my friends.

Teth 65-72
Lord, do good to me, your servant,
knowledge and good judgement teach.
It was good to be afflicted,
that I might not go astray.
You are good, you do good also;
wicked men tell lies in vain.
More than gold or silver pieces
is your precious law to me.

Yodh 73-80
Your own hands have made and formed me;
you can make me understand
your commands; and those who fear you
will rejoice to see my hope.
Faithfulness and love unfailing
are my comfort in distress.
In compassion, give me life, Lord,
for your law is my delight.


Kaph 81-88
My soul longs for your salvation;
I am hoping in your word.
Don’t delay to help your servant?
persecuted for your cause.
There’s no reason for their anger,
leading almost to my death;
but their traps have not ensnared me,
and your love preserves my life.

Lamedh 89-96
Lord, your word stands firm in heaven;
you made all things by its power:
earth remains as you have ordered;
all things serve you to this day.
I’d have died in my affliction,
were your law not my delight;
I adore the sheer perfection
of your precepts and commands.

Mem 97-104
How I love your law, and ponder
on its truth the whole day long!
Your commands—they make me wiser
than my ever-present foes.
You yourself give me more insight
than my teachers could provide;
words to taste more sweet than honey
keep my feet from evil paths.

Nun 105-112
Lamp and light your word is daily
for my path, my feet, my life.
I have suffered much; preserve me!
Lord, accept my willing praise.
Life is risky, and the wicked
set their traps along the way;
but my joyful heart is settled
on my heritage to come.

Samekh 113-120
You give hope, you are my refuge;
double-minded men I hate.
With your promise you sustain me
in opposing wicked men.
Those deceitful evildoers
you reject and throw away;
so with fear and love I tremble,
stand in awe of all your laws.

Ayin 121-128
Lord, I’ve done what’s just and righteous;
do not let me be oppressed.
How I look for your salvation,
love that keeps your servant well.
It is time for you to act, Lord!
Men are breaking all your laws.
More than gold I love your statutes—
all your ways consider right.

Pe 129-136
Lord, your word gives understanding
to the simple as they hear.
As you do for all who love you,
let your mercy come to me.
Let no sin rule over me, Lord;
from oppressive men redeem!
Shine your face upon your servant,
as I mourn your broken laws.

Tsadhe 137-144
You are righteous; and your statutes
well deserve our utter trust.
I am worn with zeal, and love you;
enemies ignore your words.
Lowly and despised I may be,
but your law is ever true;
trouble and distress are with me,
but your way is my delight.

Qoph 145-152
I cry out with all my heart, Lord;
answer me as I obey.
Before dawn I cry for rescue;
in your word I put my hope.
Through the night my eyes stay open,
meditating on your truth.
Foes are near, but you are nearer—
hear my voice and save my life.

Resh 153-160
See my suffering and defend me;
as you promise, save my life.
Wicked men are far from safety;
your compassion’s great to me.
I have many persecutors,
faithless, disobedient foes;
but I love your words, your precepts—
true, eternal, righteous laws.

Sin and Shin 161-168
Rulers injure me unjustly;
my heart trembles at your word;
I rejoice to find its treasures,
daily praise you with my voice.
Those who love you can walk safely,
knowing peace along their path;
and I wait for your salvation?
all my ways are known to you.

Taw 169-176
May my cry and supplication
come before you now, O Lord.
Let my mouth pour out your praises
as you teach me your decrees.
May your hand be near to help me,
for your precepts are my choice;
I have strayed, but you will seek me;
I remember your commands.


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