486. Behold the glories of the Lamb

Author: Isaac Watts 1674-1748

Behold the glories of the lamb
upon his Father’s throne;
prepare new honours for his name
and songs before unknown!

2. Let elders worship at his feet,
the church adore around,
with golden bowls of incense sweet
and harps of sweeter sound.

3. Those are the prayers of all the saints
and these the hymns they raise;
Jesus is kind to our complaints
and loves to hear our praise.

4. Eternal Father, who shall look
into your secret will?
Who but the Son can take that book
and open every seal?

5. He shall fulfil your great decrees;
the Son deserves it well;
see in his hand the sovereign keys
of heaven, and death, and hell!

6. Now to the Lamb who once was slain
be endless blessings paid;
salvation, glory, joy remain
the crown upon your head.

7. You have redeemed our souls with blood
and set the prisoners free;
you made us kings and priests to God
to reign eternally.

8. The worlds of nature and of grace
are put beneath your power;
then shorten these delaying days
and bring the promised hour!

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