414. At the cross of Jesus

Author: John Eddison 1916 – 2011

At the cross of Jesus
I would take my place,
drawn by such a measure
of redeeming grace.
Fill my eyes with sorrow,
lift my eyes to see
Jesus Christ my Saviour
crucified for me.

2. At the cross of Jesus
patiently he bore
bitter shame and sorrow,
grief and anguish sore.
Through eternal ages
I shall never know
what he had to suffer,
why he loved me so.

3. At the cross of Jesus
even though I be
chief of all the sinners
there is hope for me.
Judged, condemned and guilty
I am lost indeed,
but the cross of Jesus
meets my deepest need.

4. At the cross of Jesus
pardon is complete:
love and justice mingle,
truth and mercy meet.
Though my sins condemn me
Jesus died instead:
there is full forgiveness
in the blood he shed.

5. At the cross of Jesus
liberty you gave;
so I come, dear Saviour,
glad to be your slave.
Let your love possess me,
so that all may see
what your death accomplished
on the cross for me.

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