Arise, my soul, arise

Arise, my soul, arise,
shake off your guilty fears;
the perfect sacrifice
on my behalf appears:
my guarantor in heaven stands,
my name is written on his hands.

2. He ever lives above
for me to intercede,
his all-redeeming love,
his precious blood, to plead;
his blood atoned for every race
and sprinkles now the throne of grace.

3. The Father hears him pray,
his dear anointed one;
he cannot turn away
the presence of his Son:
his Spirit answers to the blood
and tells me I am born of God.

4. My God is reconciled,
his pardoning voice I hear;
he owns me for his child,
I can no longer fear;
with confidence I now draw nigh
and ‘Father, Abba, Father!’ cry.

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