Angels from the realms of glory

Angels from the realms of glory,
wing your flight through all the earth;
heralds of creation’s story
now proclaim Messiah’s birth!

Come and worship
Christ, the new-born King!
Come and worship,
worship Christ, the new-born King!

2. Shepherds in the fields abiding,
watching by your flocks at night,
God with man is now residing:
see, there shines the infant light!

3. Wise men, leave your contemplations!
Brighter visions gleam afar;
seek in him the hope of nations,
you have seen his rising star:

4. Sinners, brought to true repentance-
doomed, for guilt, to endless pains;
justice now revokes the sentence,
mercy calls you: break your chains!

5. Though an infant now we view him,
he will share his Father’s throne,
gather all the nations to him;
every knee shall then bow down:

Copyright: Verses 1-3 and 5 © in this version Jubilate Hymns This text has been altered by Praise! An unaltered JUBILATE text can be found at www.jubilate.co.uk

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