Almighty God, whose name is great

Almighty God, whose name is great,
exalted over heaven and earth,
we worship you and celebrate
the wonder of our Saviour’s birth:
the news that calmed the shepherds’ fears
has been proclaimed two thousand years.

2. O Father, in what love you sent
your Son to bring us back to you!
For on the cross his blood he spent
to cleanse our hearts and make us new;
and ever since, through joy and tears,
he’s been our friend two thousand years.

3. As pilgrims still we travel on
and tread the path which Jesus trod;
where some through floods and fire have gone
and proved the faithfulness of God:
the hand that guides, the voice that cheers,
have led his church two thousand years.

4. Let all our lamps be burning bright,
our lives commending Christ our King,
that others too may see his light,
his grace receive, his praises sing:
then we shall be, when he appears,
with him for everlasting years!

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