943. All who wake tonight

Author: John Ferguson 1921-89

All who wake tonight
watching till the light,
all who serve us by their labours,
all who care for needs of neighbours-
Jesus, Lord, we pray,
guard them till the day.

2. We commend again
all who cry in pain,
all who mourn and all who languish
through the night on beds of anguish,
Jesus, Lord, we pray,
words of healing say.

3. All whom fear or fright
rob of rest tonight,
when they feel their worry double,
you that offer peace for trouble,
Jesus, Lord, we pray,
keep their fear at bay.

4. And the weak within,
magnetized to sin-
draw them by your greater power,
save them in this evening hour,
Jesus, Lord, we pray,
guide them in your way.

5. Those we name our own,
those who sleep at home,
those with whom our lives are sharing-
we entrust them to your caring,
Jesus, Lord, we pray,
at their bedside stay.

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