All praise to him, the God of light

who formed the mountains by his might;
all praise to him who names the stars
that sing his fame in skies afar.
All praise to him who reigns in love,
who guides the galaxies above
yet bends to hear our every prayer
with sovereign power and tender care.

2. All praise to him whose love is seen
in Christ the Son, the Servant King,
who left behind his glorious throne
to pay the ransom for his own.
All praise to him who humbly came
to bear our sorrow, sin, and shame;
who lived to die, who died to rise:
the all-sufficient sacrifice.

3 . All praise to him whose power imparts
the love of God within our hearts,
the Spirit of all truth and peace,
the fount of joy and holiness.
To Father, Son, and Spirit now
our souls we lift, our wills we bow;
to you, the triune God, we raise
with loving hearts our song of praise.

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