Ages pass by, earth’s treasures all decay

Ages pass by, earth’s treasures all decay;
all Christ’s creation longs to see his day;
but constantly the eye of faith can see
your plan unfolds, O holy Trinity.

2. I do not know what way before me lies,
but this I know, my God is wholly wise;
each one Christ bought is precious in his plan:
the peace of God can be enjoyed by man!

3. Faith, hope, and love, may these adorn me here:
God’s gifts to keep me from all fretting fear;
I’ll seek his help his word to understand,
his will to see, obeying each command.

4. Trials and joys in turn this year may bring;
I’ll leave it all to Christ, redeeming King.
I only ask he’ll watch with constant care,
and guide me by his Spirit everywhere.

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