A song breaks from our hearts

A song breaks from our hearts
as we see the Saviour’s face;
the griefs of earth are gone for ever
as we enter in redeemed and new
to the kingdom of God’s grace.

2. Unnumbered people here
gathered from earth’s farthest ends;
born of the Spirit from all nations,
joyful to be one in God’s great love,
reconciled in Christ as friends.

3. Our worship fills the air
as we look upon his wounds;
all heaven falls before Christ Jesus,
he who bore the cross, our sin and shame,
who is conqueror of the tomb.

4. The Father’s plans fulfilled,
now his heart is satisfied
to see his Son engulfed in praises
for his worth, his love, his power, his name
can no longer be denied.

5. Unbounded joy has come
to those long in sorrow held;
the Saviour smiles upon his children
and the Spirit reigns, all hurts are healed
and our grandest dreams excelled.

6. O by such hopes of heaven
and the love that draws us in
inspire us, Lord, to love and worship
that the church may be a foretaste here
of your new world to begin.

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