Praise! Online (Group of 10)

£40.00 / year

Product Description

As a subscription-based internet resource, Praise! Online will allow you to pay a small on-going fee. This will include (but not be limited to) the following:

1. Praise! Words Edition
Words of all the Praise! Hymnbook items, fully indexed and searchable. Full text search (search the words in the hymns) plus by author/arranger, hymnbook number, theme, and special occasions.

2. Praise! Music Edition
Each Words Edition entry includes a direct link to a PDF file of the corresponding Music Edition entry. These PDFs can be viewed onscreen, downloaded or printed.

3. Exploring Praise! One – the Words and Music
This excellent book by Christopher Idle discusses the authorship, composition and character of every item in the Praise! Hymnbook. Searchable using full-text search or terms such as author, theme, events, keywords, titles of our Lord Jesus Christ, and places.

4. Exploring Praise! Two – the Authors and Composers
Chris Idle has now provided us with a superbly useful book that offers a brief biography of all the authors and composers of the Praise! hymnbook. This is now available in both hard copy and part of the on-line package. At a simple click you can move between the Exploring Praise! One and Two items or by using the built in text search facility.

5. Side-by-side view
See the Praise! words and relevant Exploring Praise! content on-screen at the same time.

6. Scripture Index
A comprehensive scripture index gives preachers, leaders and planners a wide selection of Psalms, hymns and songs to illustrate or enhance a reading or theme.

7. New Items
We plan to add the following on a regular basis:

Regular NEW items – currently almost 40 adult and children’s items have been added (June 2009).
Plus: straightforward instrumental arrangements to print and use.
and: MP3 ‘backing tracks’ to download and use for accompaniment.
Instrumental arrangements and mp3 backing tracks will be gradually added for all items from the Praise! Hymnbook where copyright agreement allows.