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1140One man, alone, in unremitting darknessMartin E Leckebusch Hall, Archibald Darroch…
1141You give us so much: a world to enjoyMartin E Leckebusch Gauntlett, Henry John
1142Day and night I cry to youMartin E Leckebusch Berry, Gillian Patricia
1143You have not come to Sinai’s mountPeter J Ninnis Sullivan, Arthur Seymour
1144God of grace, amazing wonderKeith Getty and Jonathan…Getty, Keith
1145May the peace of God our Heavenly FatherStuart Townend and Keith…Townend, Stuart
1146My heart is filled with thankfulnessStuart Townend and Keith…Townend, Stuart
1147My hope rests firm on Jesus ChristKeith Getty and Richard…Getty, Keith
1148Speak, O LordKeith Getty and Stuart…Getty, Keith
1149When he comes again in splendourColin Harris Zundel, John
1150Jesus, God’s righteousness revealedGeoff Bullock Bullock, Geoff
1151Our view across the miles gone byChristopher Idle Parry, Charles Hubert…
1152Come, people of the risen KingStuart Townend, Keith and…Getty, Keith
1153From the breaking of the dawnStuart Townend and Keith…Townend, Stuart
1154Still, my soul, be stillStuart Townend, Keith…Townend, Stuart
1155There is a higher throneKeith and Kristyn Getty Getty, Keith
1156There is an everlasting kindnessStuart Townend, Keith…Townend, Stuart
1157‘Jesus is Lord’-the cry that echoesStuart Townend and Keith…Townend, Stuart
1158God of all human historyChristopher Idle Rees, Alan
1159Rock of ages, cleft for meAugustus M Toplady Ward, James C
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